Enough Is Enough!

Once again my life rug was pulled out from under my feet. The universe can be pretty harsh with me at times, I call it a universal kick up the butt haha. Over the years the changes that I
had been forced to make would leave me with no choice but to move forward, on to the next experience, lesson and healing.

It was April 2020 and the flight or fight mode switch was activated and there I was once again back in survival mode.

Covid-19 swept across our planet with so much fear and it led me to leaving D, a soul connection like no other.

I was mentally and physically forced to leave a job where I had been triggered once again by gaslighting and narcissistic behaviours. Also another move was on the cards.This left me
with symptoms of PTSD during the lock down period, which I was later diagnosed by a psychiatrist with Complex PTSD. I didn’t want to be labeled and I didn’t want to take medication as it didn’t resonate with me, but it made me realise that I had suffered PTSD symptoms from a young age and into my adulthood, which resulted in me taking a path of destruction from the age of 13.

I knew this was not happening to me, but happening for me, as part of my soul journey. I recently learned what my triggers and symptoms are and now I take care of my own mental health through the spiritual and self loving practices that I’ve learned over the past 25 years. I had been attracting negativity, sabotaging my relationships and manifesting my partners to leave because I was so used to abandonment and rejection. I was repeating the same patterns until I came to a place of Enough is Enough!

I had to say Enough to….Disrespecting and not valuing myself, attracting narcissists, living an unhealthy lifestyle, the need for a partner, being used and abused, worrying about what others thought of me and my past self. I had to stop putting up with gaslighting behaviours, attracting unhealthy relationships, Distracting myself from being my true self, Seeking attention and living from a place of ego, looking for love in all the wrong places, Running away from my emotions and playing the victim. I had to release and heal karmic relationships and soul contracts and set clear boundaries.

I knew It was time for me to walk my talk and put everything that I had learned to good use. It was time to break through all the negative past beliefs,patterns, people, and trauma that were holding me back, this included myself.

From September 2020, I started listening to my soul and to my guides which resulted in me purchasing my friends caravan and taking off on another gypsy adventure. In January 2021 I was set up in Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. For the first time in my life, I was happy and peaceful on my own. This is where I learnt to find inner peace and joy….finally lol

During this time so much healing and clearing occurred, and it wasn’t just for me but for the love of my life, my family and ancestors. I call this karmic healing.

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