Love Conquers All

Love does Conquer all, as I have experienced in my life.

From a young child I grew up with a lot of fear and lower vibrational energies and entities. It wasn’t until into my 40’s that I really learnt that love can clear these energies. The fear I experienced was terrifying from waking up in the middle of the night being attacked by negativity, to nightmares from my past trauma, to being afraid that somebody was going to come and harm me. Over the years, in particular the last 2, I have used love to conquer the fear.

In 2021 to 2022 i was healing from an injury and I learnt to love into this injury and the emotional past connection that was causing the pain.

I grew up thinking very negatively and this continued into adulthood until I learnt to meditate and change my beliefs and patterns within my brain, I learnt self-love, self-care, and letting go of my ego, all with love.

I have learnt that the first step to a joyful, peaceful life is learning how to heal and truly love yourself, and that no one else can give you this unconditional love like yourself and Source. By connecting with your soul, your higher self and practicing daily self love activities everyday including affirmations, for example I love you, I am a loving likeable being, I love every part of my body. You will reach this place and connect with your authentic self.

Our earth has been affected for hundreds of years by lower vibrational entities and beings including corporations that have come from a place of greed and power, this has affected the energies on earth, over the past year I have been working hard to clear and send healing. I have spent a lot of time on my own in nature to send love to these lower vibrational energies. There are many souls on this earth that are destined to be here during this time and help to
raise the frequency and consciousness of our planet, and it is working, many lower vibrational energies are being cleared including on and under our land of Australia. Join me on Friday mornings for a love conquers all meditation which you can find on my Facebook page the link at the bottom of my website. Let’s collectively send love to ourselves, each other, our land and every living being and entity on our planet.

To learn more on how to heal yourself and some self love tools and practices, download one of my e-books.

Or book in for an online consultation, check out my shop or soulful services for more information.

💚 Christine

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