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Soulful Connection is a portal of resources, services, treatments, and referrals for women, men and youth.

Be guided and supported by qualified practitioners to:

• Receive Soulful Support Work & Services
• Educate yourself with healing and spiritual resources
• Connect with your intuition and higher self
• Help support your child  or teenager with the Soulful Resources and Youth Mentors
• Receive messages from loved ones and psychic messages from spirit
• Receive Clarity guidance, confirmation with a tarot, or Oracle card reading. Includes psychic messages

Christine Sheeky

Christine offers online and in person treatments, services, and courses for all ages and genders.

Visit the Services, Shop and Courses pages for more information.

Soulful Counsellor, Energy Healer & Intuitive Psychic

Christine offers online and in person consults. See services and shop for more info.

Christine offers a professional service and is qualified in Support Work and Soulful Respite Facilitation in South Australia. Includes, accommodation, meals, mindfulness and self care activites, support work, day outings, adventure activities plus more. More info

Download copies of my Soulful Toolboxes & Guidebooks for Women, Men and Youth. Each contain tools, techniques and activities to support you on your soul journey.   More info

Christine offers a 1hr Consult with Medium and Psychic messages from your loved ones and spirit.  More info

Christine offers two types of Soulful Retreats – one for women, and one for youth.   More info

Here you can find a Healer, Coach, Psychic, Medium, or an Energy Healer, These beautiful souls were all part of my healing journey and I highly recommend each and everyone of them! 🙏   Read more

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